At FlatDirectory, we aim to connect tenants and landlords directly, make renting a positive and transparent experience, speeding up the process, cutting the cost and generally giving peace of mind for all parties involved.

Everyone signing up to FlatDirectory will get a free vault for life* to store any MyFD and MyID products – or any other renting related document, and e.g. our “flag-ship” product – MyFD Passport – cost only £ 25.00, saving tenants as well as landlords both time and money!

Price for first 3 months

Price per month hereafter
(automatic reoccuring payment)

Search 10.000 + UK properties
(from outset).

Personal encrypted vault for storing MyFD, MyID and other renting related documents.

Share documents directly from your MyFD Vault with other FlatDirectory users - e.g. landlords.

All MyFD documents are yours for life, and you are free to share them with anyone.

Download or print your MyFD documents and send to 3’d party via email.

Save searches for easy retreval.

Receive email notifications when properties matching your search criteria’s is listed.

Full landlord contact details.

End subscription easily by deleting your account from “Account Settings”

You save - compared to normal monthly subscription.


£ 2.99

£ 7.98


£ 2.99

£ 2.99

*You must be a subscriber to FlatDirectory and log-on to your vault minimum once every 12 months, or your vault with all its content will be deleted – but we will warn you via email in advance.
NOTE: All prices on FlatDirectory are inclusive of VAT!