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  • FlatDirectory saved me a lot of money from paying the letting agency fees. I could rent directly from my landlord and use the passport and up front referencing system. I could view various properties using the same passport. I used the landlord vetting service, which meant that I knew the property was not a sub-let and I confirmed the details of the landlord before I went to meet him. Jennifer Wilkins, tenant in Birmingham

    Jennifer Wilkins, tenant in Birmingham
  • FlatDirectory lets me deal directly with the tenants and we both save substantial costs. We get a better night’s sleep using the comprehensive tenant vetting system. As a good landlord I can only recommend other landlords and tenants to use Flat Directory. I know that I will continue to use FlatDirectory, as it has really made the rental process enjoyable and stress free. Giwan Persaud, landlord in Leeds

    Giwan Persaud, landlord in Leeds
  • With FlatDirectory, my family and I were ready to go for the right house when it became available. The passport enabled all the necessary documents to be prepared in advance. We shared our information when we contacted our new landlord and they had even pre-approved us before we viewed the house. It’s almost like having a pre-approved mortgage when you want to buy a property. Frank Brown, tenant in Norwich

    Frank Brown, tenant in Norwich
  • It took less than a week, from seeing the property the first time on FlatDirectory to getting the keys and moving in. I gave my new landlord access to my FlatDirectory passport, so he could see I could afford the rent, and that I am responsible. I proved that I have the right to stay in UK, because my documents had been forensically checked and approved in advance. Adebayo J. Akeem, tenant in London

    Adebayo J. Akeem, tenant in London
  • Before I used FlatDirectory, I was a victim of a sub-letting scam. I now always only view properties from vetted landlords, because they will have had their ID details checked before I go and see a property. I then know that they are the real landlord. The brilliant passport system enables me to see as many properties as I like, costing no more than a one off cost of £24.99. It’s great to know that the landlord can see that I am a genuine tenant who will pay the rent on time and look after the property. Anonymous tenant in Southampton

    Anonymous tenant in Southampton